The Isuzu IIF I-Grand Prix 3S (Sales, Service, and Spare Parts) Skill Competition concluded with resounding success on July 17 and 18, 2023, leaving participants and spectators alike in awe of the exceptional skills on display. Held over two action-packed days, this event showcased the pinnacle of talent within the Isuzu dealerships Sales Advisors, Parts Advisors, Service Advisors and Service Technicians.

Day One: Showcasing Skills and Teamwork

The competition kicked off on July 17th with an electrifying atmosphere at the opening event in Isuzu Motors International FZE facility in Dubai. Sales Advisors, Parts Advisors, Service Technicians, and Service advisors from various Isuzu dealerships demonstrated their exceptional expertise, leaving no room for doubt about the high caliber of talent in attendance.

The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and a spirit of healthy competition among Isuzu Dealership across MENA (Middle East and North Africa) including the Sub Saharan-Africa region. Teams collaborated seamlessly, exhibiting a remarkable level of Isuzu teamwork and camaraderie.

Day Two: The Awards Ceremony – A Night of Triumph

On the 18th of July 2023, the last day of the technical competition marked the culmination of hard work and revealed exceptional skills.

The highlight of the day was the awards night. It was a night of celebration, recognition, and gratitude for all the dealership participants who contributed to the success of this remarkable event.

The Isuzu IIF I-Grand Prix 3S Skill Competition would not have been possible without the collective effort and dedication of all Isuzu dealership participants, Isuzu dealership management, IML Management, and IIF management and team members. The event was a true celebration of the passion and expertise that enhance the Isuzu Dealer employee’s skill level, motivate, and evaluate their skills.

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