This new scheme can create a lot of benefits to customers by cutting a delivery lead time and adding more values. With those additional values, not only Africa, but we can also export to the Middle East and any other country in the world. We have a bright future.” said, Mr. Kenji Matsuoka, Deputy President, ISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONAL FZE

Isuzu Distribution City
Isuzu Distribution Center ISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONAL FZE (“IIF”) announced a start of vehicle export to African countries from INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER (“IDC”), established at Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to be ready for an immediate delivery, during its first export ceremony on January 26th 2020.

This scheme of exporting vehicles from IDC is aimed to respond promptly to customers’ business needs from each African country by shortening the vehicle delivery lead-time from the current five (5) months to two (2) months. Furthermore, as the regional distributor, IIF can offer the vehicles with additional values such as a rear body installation, a chassis modification, a telematics installation, trade finance, etc. to customers in the world.

IIF has implemented its enhancement program of aftersales service through the authorized dealership network in 25 countries in Africa. With this new scheme to shorten the delivery lead time of the vehicles, it enables us to further enhance our services to enrich customers satisfaction.

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The first voyage will be for Liberia, and our flagship model NPR71H will be loaded. IIF plans to expand the export capacity through IDC and optimize supply-chain-logistics from various perspectives.

Isuzu Distribution City

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