As the video testimonial unfolds, it offers a glimpse into the future of commercial fleet solutions in Saudi Arabia. ISUZU’s innovative approach to truck design and functionality sets a precedent for the industry, paving the way for businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving market.


Al Yemni Group, one of the authorized dealers of the Japanese Isuzu company in the KSA and the Middle East since 1980, conducts a video testimonial that captures not just the visual impact of ISUZU trucks on the Saudi Arabian truck rental business but also the ethos of a brand committed to excellence. Due to their provision of reliable, efficient, and long-lasting trucks to companies across the country, ISUZU emerges as a driving force, a reliable partner in commercial fleet solutions that transcends the ordinary and propels businesses towards new heights of success.


Business owners and fleet managers share their success stories, detailing how ISUZU trucks have elevated their operations, streamlined logistics, and, ultimately, bolstered their bottom line.


The Fraikin Dayim Company began in 2015, through a partnership between the international Fraikin company and the Saudi Dayim Group. After a fruitful journey in the Kingdom, it became entirely Saudi-owned. Fraikin Dayim company specializes in both commercial truck rental and operational leasing. With over 75 years of experience, Dayim Group is the largest in the Gulf region in the field of equipment and truck operational leasing. Dayim Group is the sole specialist in commercial truck leasing within the Kingdom. Dayim Group stands out for offering a wide range of solutions in the field of long and short-term operational leasing contracts.


The fleet customer integrates modern fleet management technologies and data analysis into its operations. The strategic relationship with Al Yemni Group and their fleet customer is not a recent development but rather a longstanding connection forged through past successes. This enduring collaboration underscores the reliability and mutual achievements that have characterized the partnership over time with ISUZU Trucks.


In the realm of commercial fleet solutions, ISUZU trucks stand as trailblazers, and the video testimonial serves as a powerful testament to their transformative influence.

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